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Shenandoah Valley Athletic Club General Information

Our Address:
PO Box 738, Harrisonburg, VA. 22803-0738


The Shenandoah Valley Athletic Club is a non-profit organization created to bring together inhabitants of the Shenandoah Valley, from Lexington to Woodstock, who share a common interest in scholastic, intercollegiate, and professional athletics.


The Mission of the Shenandoah Valley Athletic Club is to promote friendship, camaraderie, and goodwill among the inhabitants of the Shenandoah Valley corridor and others with interest in the many fields of athletic endeavor. Every effort will be made to ensure that the leadership of the Club is diverse in that no specific business, organization, school, college, or university has a disproportionate number of officers serving at any one time. The Club leadership will seek to serve the entire Shenandoah Valley community, always conscious of the need to ensure that no organization, school, college, or university receives favorable treatment over another. No part of the Club’s net income or assets will inure to the benefit of any individual; no substantial part of its activities will consist of carrying on propaganda or other attempts to influence legislation; and it will not participate or intervene in any political campaign on behalf of or in opposition to any candidate for public office.


The Club will meet nine times per year. The format will generally include a social period, dinner, business meeting, and guest speaker. The Program Committee will endeavor to bring quality speakers from the athletic community. Honorariums will be paid from dues and other revenues.


Meetings, dinner, and program will be held monthly at the Early’s Katering 2061 Evelyn Byrd Ave, Harrisonburg
(The Terrace At Rocktown). The day of the month will vary and depend on the availability of speakers. Cost is presently $20.00 for the buffet for members in advance, $24.00 for members at the door and for all guests, which includes gratuity. Members will be notified in advance of each meeting. Any members making a reservation for himself and/or a guest, but who cannot attend the meeting for any reason will have their money refunded if they notify the SVAC in a timely fashion. Members are encouraged to pay for meals in advance to minimize congestion at the door.


Although the Club’s Mission is social in nature, it may be appropriate to honor certain individuals or organizations for specific achievement relative to the promotion of athletics in the Valley or performance of athletic feats.


Although the Club will graciously accept donations, it is not the intent of the membership to engage in active fundraising.


Revenue will be acquired through membership dues, modest profits on dinners and programs, guest fees, and auctions held at monthly meetings.


Dues for the fiscal year 2021 – 2022 are $40.00 and $70 for a couple.


Members may bring in-town guests (in-town guests reside in the Shenandoah Valley) to regular meetings; however, an in-town guest may not attend more than two meetings in a fiscal year. Additionally, members may bring out-of-town guests to regular meetings.

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